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      Size    Pricing/moWait List?
11' x 15'$68.00Yes*
10' x 20'$84.00n/a**
9' x 26'$92.00n/a
11' x 26'$99.00n/a
12' x 30'$122.00n/a
15' x 30'$133.00n/a

15' x 35'

12' x 40'
14' x 40'
15' x 40'
15' x 45'
15' x 60'
13' x 70'
$289.00n/a New Size!
15' x 80'$318.00Yes

Please measure the overall length of your vehicle to determine which size space you need. When measuring your vehicle please include any attached racks, mounted spare tires, outboard motors on boat, etc. And trailers should be measured tip to tongue. The overall length of the vehicle must be equal to or less than the length of the space.

Flying Bull RV Storage

Copyright © Flying Bull RV Storage. All rights reserved.

Space Sizes and Pricing

*If you would like to be added to the Wait List for these sizes (11'x15', 15'x45', 15'x60', and 15'x80') please call our office, 949-726-1756.

**n/a means we do not use a wait list for these sizes. If does not mean we have those sizes available. Please call our office to check on availability of these sizes.

First month's rent and a copy of the vehicle's current DMV registration are required at contract signing. Do not hesitate to contact our office with any questions: 949-726-1756, or email: