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​Frequently Asked Questions

Copyright © Flying Bull RV StorageAll rights reserved.

Copyright © Flying Bull RV Storage. All rights reserved.

Welcome to Flying Bull RV Storage! If we have not answered all of your questions here, please feel free to contact our office at 949-726-1756.

***Please see the Home Page for most up to date information on our company*** We currently are unable to rent out any new spaces at our current location.

What do I need to bring in with me to sign up for a space?

We require a copy of your current DMV vehicle registration for all vehicles stored. If you have just purchased the vehicle we will need a copy of the sales contract or the temporary DMV registration showing the VIN# of the vehicle to be stored. We require that current DMV registration be kept on file in our office at all times. The vehicle must be in your name!

  • You will need to come into the office in person to sign a Rental Agreement. First month's rent along with the vehicle's current DMV registration is required at sign up.
  • All vehicles must be insured.

​How long will the RV facility be around?

Flying Bull RV Storage is currently on a temporary lease with the land owners (as we have always been historically). Please ask an employee for further details.

What is allowed to be stored?  (This is not all-inclusive, it is merely a guideline):

  1. ​Recreational Vehicles -- boats & jet skis on trailers, RVs, motor homes, toy haulers, travel/enclosed/flatbed trailers. NO cab over campers without their trucks.
  2. Cars/Trucks -- privately owned autos that are not for commercial use may be allowed, but must be approved by our office first. All vehicles must be in running condition, currently DMV registered, road ready, and insured!
  3. Commercial Type Vehicles -- Upon manager approval. Must follow same guidelines as other vehicles above.

How many storage spaces do you have and what sizes are available?

Flying Bull RV Storage currently has over 2000 spaces on our lot. Space sizes range from 9' to 15' wide and 15' to 80' long. We do utilize a wait list for sizes 11'x15', 15'x45', 15'x60', and 15'x80'. For sizes 20' up to 40' long we do recommend you call into the office and ask which spaces we have available as we operate mostly on a first come, first serve basis. Sizes available and prices (as of 11/1/14) are listed on our pricing page.

  • All sizes are approximate dimensions only.  
  • "n/a" means we do not use a Wait List for that size. It does not mean we have those sizes available.

      Size        Price    Wait List?
11' x 15'$68.00Yes*
10' x 20'$84.00n/a**
9' x 26'$92.00
11' x 26'$99.00
12' x 30'$122.00
15' x 30'$133.00
15' x 35'
12' x 40'
14' x 40'
15' x 40'
15' x 45'
15' x 60'
15' x 70'$289.00
n/a New Size!
15' x 80'$318.00

*If you would like to be added to the Wait List for these sizes please call our office, 949-726-1756.

**n/a means we do not use a Wait list for these sizes. It does not mean we have those sizes available. Please call our office to check on availability of these sizes.

What kind of security do you have?

The Irvine Police Department patrols the entire base property 24 hours per day. Our employees man our access gate during access hours and will check oncoming persons for purpose of visit against an access list. Anyone caught on the facility after hours will be escorted off and have their storage contract terminated. All patrons must show a valid form of ID that our guards will match to the access list in order to gain access. Our employees are also patrolling the lots.

What are the access times for use? Office hours?

Patrons have access to the storage lots as posted on the Home Page of this site. . Access hours are subject to change on holidays and will be posted ahead of time in the published monthly newsletter. Our office hours are generally Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Our office is closed holidays and weekends.

(We are a small office, so hours are subject to change. Please call ahead!)

If my vehicle is only two or three feet longer than the spot I am looking at can I still rent it?

No. Your vehicle must fit within its allocated space. The length of the vehicle is measured from tip to tip including trailer tongue, bumpers, storage racks, spare tires, boat motors, etc. You must measure the overall length of the vehicle.

What if I rent more than one space next to each other, can I use that entire space as one storage location?

​No. You must keep all vehicles within the lines of each designated space.

Do you have a dump station and wash station?

Yes, we have a dump station for our patrons' use. There is water there to flush out your tanks ONLY; we do not recommend it for drinking. It is not potable! 

No, we do not have a wash station. Washing is not permitted on the property even if you have a detail company come in.

What are the rental terms/initial cost?

  • We require a full first month's rent paid at contract sign up and it is non-refundable. After your first month, the rent is prorated on a daily basis so that if you sign up in the middle of the month you are only paying for the remainder of the that month and the remainder of your first month payment is applied to your next (your second) month.
  • The billing cycle is from the 1st to the 1st of each month. There are no deposits taken. A late fee will be applied to any unpaid balances if not paid by the 15th; late fee is $25 per space.
  • The Rental Agreement is on a month-to-month basis with a minimum required three (3) day notice to cancel. You must notify the office of your cancellation, not the gate.

Do you send out a monthly bill?

We send out monthly courtesy statements only. We do not send a bill. Your rent is due on the first of the month regardless of statement delivery. Courtesy statements are sent out approximately one week prior to the 1st of each month. The monthly payment is due on the 1st of each month with a $25 late fee per space being assessed after the 15th. 

We can also email your monthly statement to you if would prefer. But please remember, statements are courtesy, so do not depend on their delivery to pay your monthly rent.

Do you have AutoPay?

Yes, you may sign up for AutoPay in our office using a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card. We will run your card on the 1st-5th of the month depending on your last name. You may also set up payment through your bank, but be sure to give them at least a week to get the mailed check to us before the 15th of the month. If you bank bill pay check is not received on time, you will be charged a late fee.

Can there be more than one person on the contract?

There will be only one (1) primary contract holder that is responsible for the contract and payment. The contract holder should also be the owner of the vehicle(s) stored. The contract can have two (2) additional people added other than spouse for access purposes.

Can I have a storage box in my spot?

No. Only road-ready vehicles may be stored as outlined in the contract. If you can't drive it or tow it (legally) on the road, then you can't store it here either.

Can I wash and/or work on the vehicle while parked on the facility?

No. You may perform general cleaning of the vehicle on the inside, such as prepping it for use prior to or following a trip, but no washing of exterior surfaces. You may not perform any mechanical maintenance or repair that could be interpreted as work that should be done in a repair shop. If you need a jump or air in your tires, we do have small portable units available for your use during our hours.

Do you have electricity and/or water available for use on the lot?

No, there is no electrical power available on the lots or potable water. There is non-potable water at the dump stateion for rinsing septic systems, but it is not recommended for consumption and is NOT to wash vehicles. 

Where can I find information about the Great Park plan and the big Orange Balloon?

You may visit their website at for any information you may need.

I need to have someone meet me at my space, what do I do?

​You need to meet that person at our front gate. Yes, AAA, etc. are allowed on the property, but MUST ACCOMPANY THEM at all times while they are on the property and you must escort them in to your space and escort them out to leave. They are not to be left on the property unsupervised.

How do I contact you?

  • Our office phone number: 949-726-1756.
  • Our mailing address: 

                    Flying Bull RV Storage

                    P.O. Box 53010

                    Irvine, CA 92619

  • For a physical address to use for DMV or insurance purposes only, please contact our office.
  • If you are trying to locate us on a map, the main intersection to access the property effective 1/20/15 is Fairbanks and Astor, off Alton Pkwy in Irvine, CA.  For those that remember, this is the old golf course entrance. Irvine Blvd and Pusan Way is our old gate entrance - you will not be able to access the property from this gate effective 1/20/15.
    Any physical address will get you lost.
  • Our fax: 949-726-1756 ---- please call our office to confirm the fax is received on our end.
  • Our email:
  • Website: